Beyond Intellect and logic

Stupidity with awareness is intelligence
Intelligence without awareness is Stupidity

It took me 3 years to realise the above two statements and how true it is. Humans, 99.99% of them hardly know why they are doing whatever they are doing. How does one become aware of what he/she is doing. Very profound topic, if you are willing to come from the space of i dont know, and i would like to learn then it makes sense for you to read further or else its just a waste of time.

What is this space of " i dont know ". Lets take a look at it too. To draw a perspective it took us one year to learn the 26 alphabets of english language. Another 12 years of continuous exposure during our schools days to be able to converse in it. This was the time when we were told go to school and listen. After school, higher studies, graduation, suddenly just because we learn a couple of words, one feels very intellectual and think he/she knows it all. Just because a couple of questions arise in your mind you think you know it all. Its altogether a different thing, that you have no clue, as to where from and why these questions are arising.

Basically become stupid, nothing wrong with becoming stupid,all i am asking is to stop using your intellect and listen rather read ahead.

There are things which we think we know. There are things which we dont know. In realm of spirituality there exist things which we dont even know that we dont know. To learn this one has to transcend the intellect and definitely the data coming from the 5 senses. This requires great courage, an ability to walk into the unknown, faith to walk into a path which apparently looks dark over an unknown period of time.
What do you get if you do this. good question.Why should you do this, an even better question.
Realm of spirituality is quite paradoxical, Both these questions are very intellectual and unless you transcend it you will never find out :).

But if you succeed in doing this, an ocean of knowledge, bliss awaits you, you can soak in unparalleled joy. Are you using your intellect to understand this statement, forget it... you will be stuck there....:)

How do you do this... a very good intellectual question, if i answer it you will use your intellect to interpret it... and be stuck there :)

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Manoj said... understand ur blog l require quite a lot of intellect...not sure am thr yet...

amd1985 said...

"....But if you succeed in doing this, an ocean of knowledge, bliss awaits you, you can soak in unparalleled joy....."

Even I have heard this and read this many times. How much ever I try to comprehend, it seems even more incomprehensible. And after serious contemplation, and mind you, its all thru my grey matter, I think that the path that we choose, whatever that maybe, if we stick to it with utter faith & enthusiasm, even if things are not working, one shall reach the above described state cuz the results don't matter, its the process/preparation thats more blissful.

& Spirituality for me is very simple....its not about meditation, its not about going to temples/churches/etc., its also not about serving others. Its about being happy now & doing any task with 100% involvement without worrying about the result...Sometimes i feel terrorists are more spiritual than common man....

hmmm...Am I using my intellect a little more..:-)

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