Greatest Most Subtle Brainwashing of the World.

Almost every middle class father/mother would have told the following statement to his or her child. “Study well, get good marks, get into a good college,get a job and then you can settle and be comfortable in life”. . Rings a bell, i expect most of the readers of the blog to be job seekers, employees of an organization. Just this statement, has dictated the lives of so many millions of people across the world. Statistically there is 1 billionaire for 7 million people.The other way to look at it is 7 million people work to make one person a billionaire.

Now this employee, a middle class person has decided that in his/her life job is of paramount importance, then come terms like job satisfaction. The person dedicates his entire focus on getting a job and work for somebody for the rest of there lives. 16 years is spent of educating oneself, then maybe another 2 more years on an advanced degree (typically an MBA in India) to get a measly salary between  Rs 10000 to say Rs 2 lakhs per month. The extent of brain washing is so much that students are so keen and focussed on getting a 6 digit salary per month. Its even more ironic that the top MBA schools in India (IIMs) advertise based on salaries earned by the graduates and take great pride in it. The number of entrepreneurs churned out( a meagre percentage ) is hardly of pride to them or is hardly mentioned. Its a diff matter that some of them who succeed after many a year of slogging out in corporate world, proudly present the BSchool tag or the popular perception is that they studied in the bschool and hence are entrepreneurs.

pyramid of capitalism

A couple of questions for all job seekers, employees …Where are you in the pyramid. Would you like rs 2.4 lakhs or rs 24 lakhs or rs 240 lakhs or 2400 lakhs in your bank account. One of the typical middle class attitude answers i have heard is i need enough to live. Money is not everything ( i perfectly agree to it). If you have chosen 2.4 or 24 or 240 its most likely because you have heard words like filthy rich, money is not everything in life, Too much money spoils you and similar stuff in your younger days. Also the thought process that being rich is taboo, evil and not good.

Let me ask you the same question in another way. If i give you 2.4 lakhs or 24 lakhs or 240 laks or 2400 lakhs which one will you choose. If i give you a hyundai santro, tata indica, Ford fiesta, BMW which one ill you choose. If i give you a 1000 sq ft house, 10000 sqft house, a bungalow with garden with people to take care of the house which one will you choose.

I know your choices will be 2400 lakhs, BMW, and the bungalow. If your choices are that then why are you working all your life for the remaining.     24 crores (2400 lakhs) is really not huge. Recently Mukesh ambani built a 600 crore house. Also the 2400 lakhs, bungalow and the BMW when would you like it. In 2,20,35 or 50 years! Have you ever seen an employee become rich just based on salaries. Those of who are working … are you really comfortable, Break the brain washing patterns which have been instilled in your head…..

I promise you as long as you want to be comfortable in life… your life will be full of problems, and you will worry about the smallest of issues. Step out of it start taking challenges in your life… Life can be great fun, you will derive lot of satisfaction, and you will be amazed at the hidden talents inside you which spring up.

I strongly encourage people to read the foll three books.

a) Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki b) Copycat marketing by Burke hedge c) Secrets of Millionaires mind Harv T Eker.

My next post would be on entrepreneurship …. :)


Abhay Karnataki said...

Absolutely correct and well said. Our country and I think other places too, lack in financial education, and most of our understanding is hearsay from people who themselves are not financially educated!

very well written, more articles related to this are welcome.

Mad angel said...

And we produce a nation full of 'popats'. Thats why the value of YES!+ is so much more. A very eloquent and wel thought out peice.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, drop the superlatives. It gives a tinge of arrogance to the entire post and quite frankly pisses me off. Why, if I got to rattle off my conceited opinions, I'd say spirituality and religion were the greatest subtle brainwashing of the planet where people let one of the first books that their parents thrust into their grubby lil' palms dictate a size-able proportion of their life.

Secondly, I don't understand why you've effectively dismissed all of work to solely the pursuit of money. It reeks of a poor man's psyche. Sure, your quips apply to the daily laborers and auto-drivers, who'd believe that every problem they were facing could be solved by a fatter wallet, but there are a size-able quantity of us, who don't have mortgages to pay and who work for the sheer pleasure of it. And money's a nice side-effect, it ropes in the booze, the fags and the strippers but it's a stupid programming puzzle that I can't wrap my brain around that gets me out of bed on a sleepy rainy morning.

What can I say, I feel you're generalizing your experiences and limitations and placing them on everyone around. Effectively revealing more about your own self rather than the world through this post.

Anonymous said...

the question to be asked is.. is the richest man...the happiest man??
its not always about money... and i don think its right in saying that all the 7 million ppl work to make a few guys rich, its a perspective.But all of us have to deal with compromises and most people choose to enjoy the simple joys of life rather than spending their entire life making money... with money comes responsibility.. i think is a fair world in the end.. and things are good the way they are.. and we have the the power of choice... nothing else matters, other than living your life your way...

Deepak said...

Realized that we have so many talents hidden and can really take responsibility on our age old brain washing system.
I have read the book Rich Dad & Poor Dad, after having session by Prasanna .This is really an financial literacy that I require .Now i am constantly working on my strengths.My Dad who is a senior manager of bank , after reading the blog has started saying now time has come to act.This is the effectiveness of this post.

Harshini said...

good one... thngs wud b better if ppl cud thnk for themselves....yet thrz more to it thn wht it seems takes everyone to make a world...

Baraka Badoura ;) said...


just love your style, keep writing this stuff its really good to read !


PS : ... is that your mail id ?

Anonymous said...

or shall we call it filling the brain with mud!!!

Abhiram said...

lol @ v'trash' :P

My take on this post as well as the next one.

Who would risk becoming an entrepreneur right out of college ? Agreed that we need to step out of our comfort zone but it's just too much risk to take.
The ideal and best way in my opinion is, succumb to what your parents tell you, work and importantly learn all the nuances of corporate life, plan along and using all this experience, start your own firm. Again, when to do this would vary widely.
Entrepreneurship is too risky for you. Fine.Play it safe. Just climb your way to the top of the corporate ladder. Look at Mr. Santhanam, the head of Saint Gobain. He is an IITM alumni who just worked his way up pretty fast.

In the end, it depends on what you set your target to be and how you achieve it. The assumption here is, challenges are in-built into whatever you set to achieve.

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