Windows Live Writer review


I started using Windows Live Writer Beta and am using it to post review of same. Can be downloaded from Using this you can add, edit your blog entries in a Microsoft Word like interface on your desktop. You can create a draft of your post, preview it offline and publish it right from your desktop ( you obviously need an internet connection for posting ). All you need to do to start making entries to your blog offline is to add the blog name and access details. Once the software validates the blog url, it downloads the entire theme of the blog onto viewer and gives you a feel of making an online entry. The original settings for the blog are retained. I personally liked the part where in you can insert picture, with such ease. You can easily add hyperlinks,tables, videos, tags as well as plug ins. You can also categorize your posts, set publish dates. It saves all your draft versions as well as the recently posted blogs. The cool thing is you can add as many blog accounts as possible and Microsoft windows Live Writer supports different type of weblog services including Googles Blogger. The product takes time to load, also one cant delete a post i had made earlier via this. It would be great if the posts i had made earlier( not using Windows Live Writer), could be edited, deleted and accessed offline. So far i havent figured how to do that, and dont think its possible  in the current version i am using. Please let me know if you know how to do it.

In all i would give a thumbs Up sign to this product and recommend this to all bloggers.


so cool

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