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Posting one of those sudden realizations. Most often thinking logically is deemed as intelligence. I was one of those persons who used to think logically and considered myself to be intelligent. I recently realized that being intelligent doesn't mean just being logical but the ability to know when to use your intellect and when not to. When to listen to your head and when to listen your heart. A beautiful life tip for all of you.

“Use your head to decide your career and Listen to your heart while doing service.”

Developing the ability to listen to your intellect also to learn when to drop it, Especially when the realization dawns that intellect alone isnt capable of giving us the answers to all the questions.

Manifestation of the intellect and to decide whether to use it or not to it, is probably intelligence. Do you agree ??



Abhiram said...

A question.

Where does intuition come ?

vp said...

nice question, you know it comes, dont you, thats why you have asked this question, now drop your intellect with the intellect you cannot find the answer, Exact purpose of the post. :)

vp said...

To find out where it comes from a couple of advanced courses yes!++ would do. Winterbreak is starting on dec 28th. Till dec 11 you can register

Anand said...

Hey Kulli, My 2 cents...I think defining "Intelligence" is not a great idea :) simply because its highly subjective. What may be an intelligent act to someone may not appear the same to the other. For a school kid, intelligence may be "scoring high marks", for a middle aged guys like us intelligence may be correlated to the "money we make" or promotions or something like that. Notice that different people will also give importance to different things. For me a person who got 3 promotions in 2 yrs maybe highly intelligent, however for you a person who started 3 businesses in 2 yrs though all of them failed, may be the most intelligent guy.
So, I think every circumstance/situation and every individual (depending upon his experience, lifestyle, upbringing etc) will define intelligence differently.

revathi said...


Intelligence can be of different kinds.. can be studious and intellectual like being a scientist or an engineer; can be artistic like a painter or a sculptor; can be musical like a musician or singer; there are in all 7 defined and researched types of intelligence.. and each person, has at least one of these in as a core strength; and has moderation or slight essence of each one somewhere deep within...

Also, international frameworks such as Meta Mind Management and Edward de Bono's thinking tools define intellect and thinking as a part of intelligence towards success, which can be developed easily over a period of time by following simple techniques... de Bono in his Six Thinkingh hats talks about the Red Hat that give the display of emotions and feelings or intuitive responses...
So, Meta Mind Management helps in aligning feelings, thoguhts, words, and actions in a way to achieve excellence, success, and happiness such that it is possible to practice using intuition which slowluy then can become spontaneous...

Revathi Turaga
International Meta Mind Management and Certified Edward de Bono Trainer

arun rajkumar said...

I think intelligence is that which helps one make a decision that is good for everyone in the long run, even though it might cause some short-term pain.

charu said...

how do u difrentiate btwn hrt n mind,i mean one doesnt thinks or feels frm heart(just a pumping set),so u r left wid ur mind oli

Abhay Karnataki said...

yes Prasanna, I agree that we need to do career with intellect and seva from heart.

@ Abhiram: Intuition is "tution from Inside!" :)
It comes to you when you surpass intellect!
Sages work from Intuition not intellect!

One example: A person from Sri Lanka came and made everyone happy in HH Sri Sri Ravishankar's Bangalore Ashram, won their heart, when Sri Sri was in Abroad. Sri Sri heard about it, and asked that he should leave the Ashram. Now this surprised everyone!
A month later, it became known that he was a Terrorist who came to set up blast in bangalore!

so cool

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