The Human Mind , the biggest monkey

I sit back and wonder what has been happening for the past 2 years in my life.
So many memories.. so many mistakes.. some good mistakes.. some bad.. then i think about the
present and the future..
Then something in me asks me this question, what is that which makes u think again and again about all this..
I answer to myself, its you my mind, its because of you i did all this and continuing to do so..
I tel it, you could say my mind telling itself, There is a positive side to you and the negative side to you. I can hear myself say, you are too complex for me.
I dont know who you are..
But in you i see the most complex, most powerful element on this earth.
I tel myself in you i c god.. in u i c u i c a child.. in u i c....... the list is endless...
I ask myself this.. could i say my mind is asking itself...

Y do you make me want to work..
At the same time Y do u make me lazy and distracted..

Y do you make me want to give.. be selfless.. be generous..
At the same time Y do u make me Selfish, greedy..

Y is that u create a sensation in me which makes me believe that i can change the world..
Y is that u also make me feel that this world is hopeless place to live in..

Y is that u create self confidence in me.. telling me i am capable..
Y is that u create a fear in me.. telling me i am not capable..

Y do u create a dependency in me.. that god will take care..
Y do u create in me a feeling there exsists no god..

Y is that u create the feeling of love in me..
Y is that u create the feeling of lust in me..

Y is that u make me like certain people
Y is that u make me dislike the same people

U make me love a child when its happy..
U make me hate the same child when it cries..

U make me realise that silence is golden..
U also make me talk when i should keep quiet..

the list is endless....................
Alas i realise that all the people in this world are controlled by you..
some realise this , some dont..

You have made a mahatma gandi, albert einstien, Abdul kalam......
You have also made a hitler, osama, sadam hussein, george bush...

I ask u why???

What is that you want..

This is game you have been playing for centuries..

I dont who you are, what you are, what you want from each one of us,..
but u sure do know one thing, leaving you uncontrolled is probably the most dangerous thing to
happen on this earth..

Alas do people realise this.................................


Vijai said...

Everyone asks questions. Only a few give answers.

Anonymous said...

..well...i do realize that...
...and the process of getting the mind under control seems to be a repititve process of awareness and breaking the patterns, whr again n again i fall n rise.....
...n i guess its the best way...

so cool

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