Death of a loved one y does it make one cry

Unfortunate is that person who makes everybody around him happy when he/she is living and makes them cry after his/her death.
Using the same argument isnt a noted criminal, a thief, murderer fortunate tht even his death makes everybody around him happy.

Now y does one cry when somebody near or dear dies..
I thought abt it for a long time, my mind... wasnt able to give me answer..
Then one fine day i realised that its probably ones selfishness which makes one cry ..
hmm to explain further..
we never cry for somebodys death if that person is unknown to us..
where as we cry for a person who is near and dear to us..
people call it loss of a loved one, dear one is what made them cry..
often it happens tht for the so called loved one, dear one we never have the time to spend in this materialstic world..
but we feel sad when they leave us...
The sorrow in us arise because we realise in this wretched world, there is one person less who
really cares for us or who might have cared for us.. in times of our need...
Now what can be more selfish than this....

disclaimer: i hope i havent offended anybody who reads this. My aim was not that, hope you understand...


manoj_mba@iim said...

Absolutely true....we cry bcos v l never b able 2 experience the happy moments v had spent with tat person again....however do v hav 2 cry for people v do not know n havent met?? would tat make us unselfish???? again crying for the loss of a loved one - doesnt it reflect the affection and respect v had for tat person??? doesnt it imply the impact tat a person had in ur life? kindly answer my queries...

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