Mr X Special

Miss x contemporary Mr x was an extraordinary individual himself.A separate website can be dedicated for him, he was an inspiration to many including myself because of his unique ways of studying and writing his engineering exams.

A typical engineering exam for 100 marks had 5 12 marks questions and 20 2 mark questions.
10 minutes before the exam, Mr x and i were frantically reading, mugging for the exam. Mr x closed his book, i panicked and said please wait.
Mr x calmly said i just finished my 2 marks i still have 12 marks to read...

His calmness, in such a tense situation was certainly an inspiration... for me and many others..


Abhay Karnataki said...

hmm hmmm....

I like such real life experiences, where things are taught to me without teaching! I really learn a lot more by the very actions of people rather than their words!

good to have met you yesterday... after a long time I met a guy who talks practical and professional and focussed to the goal!

so cool

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