Ekta kapoors - mahabharath review

This serial is aired on 9x channel monday-thrusday at 9 PM. People who liked earlier version of mahabharath, would love this to. I became a huge fan of this, and it became an integral part of my schedule and occupied high priority. One of the reasons could also be due to the absolutely stunning promos. one such promo

Things i loved in the serial. 

a) Its very fast paced, screen play is good. Narrative is also very different.
b) love the art direction, the costumes of the artists, back ground, very refreshing.
c) Background music is simply stunning. The chanting of slokas, devotional bhajans, praises of the warriors, krishna.
d) Casting of characters is extremly apt. Especially roles of bheeshma, drona, duryodhana, dushasan, bheem and karna. 

I was eagerly waiting for the first war scene. The pandavas had to capture kind drupad as part of the guru dakshina. This is where the serial falls way short of expectations. The fight scene reminded me of the earlier day movies when they used shoddy camera tricks to depict arrows hitting each other. In fact the fight scene was so bad, that they did not even show how arjuna defeated drupad. They are fighting and the next scene, arjuna is shown talking to drona with a captured drupad. An earlier scene where krishna fights kalia,graphics used were so poor, it was like even a kid wouldnt get excited by it. 

Was extremly disappointed by it, sincere plea to ekta kapoor work on the fight sequences, if you want a dedicated audience. You just lost a loyal fan of your episode.


O said...

I quite enjoyed the serial at first for the same reasons you mentioned. The locales, the costumes etc was very modern and refreshing. But the day I found out the main star cast for the Kauravs and Pandavs, I couldn't watch it anymore. The casting is extremely forgettable and lacks the punch. You can't help compare it to the previous show where each and every face suited their respective characters to the hilt! This one feels too soap opera'ish in treatment as against the old one which had the mythology feel intact. I wonder if a modern day rendition of the Mahabharat would have worked better for Ekta Kapoor. The Kingdom being a business house or something. This one falls flat IMO.

Abhay said...

oh wow, you have a fantastic layout for your blog now!!

O said...

gud template!

Anonymous said...

Great template!!

May be i will try to see it today!

Karpagavalli said...

Its not at all nice. Go watch the original one... Sad tht u started liking it!

Deepak said...

The blog layout is simply super and reflects a diary..I m in love with this layout..:)

so cool

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