A very straight forward person. Wanted this blog to be about things happening in my real life, also offering a very different perspective on topics ranging from spirituality to materialism. 


Karpagavalli said...

HEY!!! Thats pretty cool change!!! did not expect it to be this way! Lovely! I like the background soooooo much! Great Going!!! :)

ahila said...

lo!!! what do I see.. :) I was infact not quite sure if I had landed on the right page where I wanted to...until pics of Mahabharath caught my eyes!! (I know you are an ardent fan of tht serial.. but I dont like this one at all... I like the original B.R.Chopra series.. tht was classic, stylish and awesome!!! You should watch that!)
very nice look to your blog!! looks cool! :)

so cool

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