Hidden Lessons in Mahabharath


The following was shared by Swami Pragyapad, during my yesplus ttc. Have become a big fan of mahabharath (earlier, current versions, ramanand sagars krishna) especially the dialogues.

There are profound lessons to be learnt from mahabharath epic. One such lesson :

The pandava princes were born in the royal family yet the injustice meted out to them and kind of pain suffering they went through is unimaginable.

They were kicked out of there own kingdom, they could do nothing when their wife was stripped in front of them, went in hiding for more than a decade and lived in forests,they had to fight kill their guru, uncles, friends whom they had grown up with,they lost all their sons due to treachery of ashvathama and i could go on & on. Yet they won in the end.

If problems galore in your life, to face them and win over them, the following is what you should do.

a) Be like Yudishter – Follow truth, believe in it.

b) Be like Bheem – Like a  stone, firmness

c) Be like Arjun – With Focus and awareness tackle the problem

d) Be like Nakul – Be dispassionate, i.e to focus on your actions on solving the problem without worrying about the result.

e) Be like sahadev – Sahadev means in company of good people.

You could possess all these qualities, yet without Krishna in your side….. you cannot win :). Faith is essential for your success.


One could ask, yudishter always followed the truth, nakul was dispassionate yet krishna chose only arjun for the knowledge of bhagvad gita. Why ?? This is because arjun was focussed. For you to get the highest knowledge it is essential you remain focussed on acquiring it and giving it the highest priority.

Give your sadana, seva, satsang highest priority….:)


Anonymous said...

vasanthi maji gave a almost similar explanation.
[its ltl gross.. i tried to rem what she said]
Well.. as you said Yudishtra is the embodiment of truth-body( so he doesnt need krishna)
Bheema (firm in both body and mind he again doenst need krishna)
Arjuna- the mind->Needs krishna's guidence
Nakul and sahadev-[reason i forgot]

O said...

interesting info :-)

charu said...

extremly encoragin.........

so cool

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